Android O – The next best thing in Android Revolution

Android O is shaping up to be exactly what Android needs. Recently, Google gave its I/O Presentation which gave a peek into Google’s next advancement, named Android O, and it is targeting the areas where Google’s mobile OS needed the most improvement. It got a huge positive response from all tech-pundits and it might turn out to be a game-changer


Battery life has always been a problem for all mobile users. Android O tries to limit battery consumption by applications running in the background. For example – Android O will feed the user’s last known location to a background app instead of activating the GPS collect a fresh location.

Google has also done a number of essential under-the-hood improvements in Android O.

  • Most notable among them is the improved boot-up time.
  • Android O runs very smooth and fast despite being beta software.
  • Notifications are also getting more refined and curated.

Some of the visible changes include

  • Streamlined Settings menu
  • A gradual update to the working of notifications
  • New app badging similar to the iPhone. These notification dots automatically color-match with the app icon.

The principal small change (pun-intended) in Android O is the inclusion of picture-in-picture functionality which allows YouTube Red subscribers and Google Duo users to minimize a video to a small window and keep using their phone as usual.

The best approach that the Google could have taken was enhancing the user experience without being visible or obvious. Android O has done just that. It is littered with little changes and improvements.

Our conclusion so far is that the Android O is going to follow in Nougat’s footsteps. It is being poised to complete some of the work started in Nougat and further strengthens the control in Android.