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About Us

About Us

Ushyaku - a software solutions agency that combines skills of consulting, design, development and management to deliver high-quality mobile and web applications. Ushyaku offers services for offshore development and application support, coupled with attention to the rapid and clear communications and project management.

Our Goals

The Ushyaku team loves to work and play with the latest technology. We show this through our passion in developing native and cross-platform web and mobile solutions that leverage trusted as well as upcoming technology advancements such as Web API, Beacons, and Location Based Information.

About Us
About Us

Our Approach

Our approach to each project is to listen, analyze and clearly communicate with you to become the right team to address your technology requirements and deliver optimal results. The team at Ushyaku focuses on the challenge posed to them to analyze and design the appropriate solution, to make sure we are aligned towards the optimal digital implementation.

Quality matters to our customers, and they matter to us

We always focus on scalability, maintainability and latest coding standards while developing the product. Our team of experts are always happy to assist you with the best technical solutions.


We devote all our expertise and experience into designing your app's workflow and multi-tiered architecture to achieve required scalability and maintainability.


Our Quality Assurance Experts consistently improvise with the technological advancements so that we can eradicate even the smallest bugs. We perform through checks on the codebase and business logic.


We use different techniques like encryption and protocols to make your apps secure, so your sensitive data and important transactions are always secured and protected.


We choose the latest technology according to your needs so your apps run smoothly and swiftly. We use proper naming conventions and provide detailed comments to every piece of code.